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Dive into a world of savory delight with our "ALL ABOUT DA SALT"  Bundle, a curated collection that celebrates the diverse and essential role of salt in elevating your culinary creations. From zesty lemon-infused salt to classic kosher salt, this bundle invites you to embark on a flavorful journey that encompasses the essence of seasoning mastery.


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  • This spice set contains the following products:

    LEMON SALT: Immerse your dishes in a burst of citrusy freshness with Lemon Salt. The marriage of zesty lemon and salt creates a harmonious balance that elevates everything from grilled seafood to refreshing salads.

    SALT & PEPPER MIX:Our Salt & Pepper Mix combines the timeless pairing of salt and pepper in perfect harmony. Sprinkle this blend generously to enhance the flavor of grilled meats, roasted vegetables, or simply elevate your everyday dishes.

    ORGANIC GARLIC SALT:Embrace the gourmet elegance of our Organic Garlic Salt. The organic garlic infusion adds depth and complexity, making it an essential seasoning for pasta, soups, or any dish that craves a touch of garlicky goodness

    ALL-PURPOSE SEASONED SALT:Unlock a world of versatility with All-Purpose Seasoned Salt. Crafted to complement a variety of dishes, this seasoned salt enhances the savory notes of meats, vegetables, and more, making it a kitchen essential.

    ORGANIC CELERY SALT:Delight in the bliss of Organic Celery Salt. The organic celery infusion lends a unique and savory twist to your recipes, making it an ideal companion for potato dishes, salads, or even as a rimming salt for cocktails.

    PURE KOSHER SALT:Experience the  staple of Pure Kosher Salt. Its larger crystals make it perfect for seasoning during cooking or finishing dishes. A go-to salt for professional and home chefs alike.

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