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 Our "FLAVOR BURST" 8pc Blend Bundle —is  a vibrant collection crafted to bring a burst of flavor to your kitchen. From the zesty kick of Cajun Seasoning to the smoky taste of Sweet and Smokey BBQ, this bundle is your passport to a world of delicious possibilities.

8-Piece "FLAVOR BURST" Bundle

PriceFrom $58.99
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  • CAJUN SEASONING: delivers a bold and zesty flavor inspired by Louisiana's Bayou country. Perfect for seasoning meats, stews, and adding a kick to your favorite dishes.

    SEAFOOD SEASONING:is a delightful blend made to enhance the natural flavors in seafood. Whether you're grilling, baking, or frying.

    SWEET AND SMOKEY :is a blend that infuses your dishes with the taste of smoky barbecue goodness. Ideal for grilling, roasting, or adding a BBQ twist to any recipe.

    CHICKEN SEASONING:is a savory blend made to enhance the taste of poultry dishes, bringing a harmonious combination of herbs and spices to every bite.

    JERK SEASONING :take your taste buds to the Caribbean with its bold blend of spices, perfect for seasoning grilled meats, seafood, or adding a kick to marinades.

    ALL-PURPOSE BEEF SEASONING:a savory blend crafted to enhance the natural flavors of beef, whether used as a rub for grilling, roasting, or seasoning ground beef dishes.

    SALMON SEASONING: a blend made to complement the delicate flavors of salmon, creating a perfect harmony of herbs and spices for your seafood creations.

     ALL-PURPOSE FLAVOR BURST SEASONING:lives up to its name, infusing a burst of flavor into a variety of dishes. Use it as a go-to seasoning for meats, vegetables, soups, and more.

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