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 Our "LET'S GATHER AROUND" Spice Bundle,is a lavish collection of 14 distinct flavors that invites you to create a symphony of tastes in your kitchen. From the earthy aroma of organic thyme to the smoky allure of paprika, this bundle is a gathering of essential herbs and spices that promise to elevate your food gatherings


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  • This spice set contains the following products:



    PURE KOSHER SALT: With its larger crystals, is a versatile and essential seasoning, perfect for cooking, baking, or as a finishing touch for a burst of flavor.

    ORGANIC SAGE LEAVES:Add a savory and herbal delight to your recipes, from stuffing to roasted vegetables, creating a warm and comforting flavor profile.

    ORGANIC ROSEMARY:With its fragrant essence, elevates roasted meats, potatoes, and bread, imparting a Mediterranean flair to your dishes.

    COARSE BLACK PEPPER: Adds a bold and peppery kick to your savory creations, whether sprinkled over grilled steaks or incorporated into marinades.

    ORGANIC HERBS DE PROVENCE:Is a delightful blend that captures the essence, perfect for seasoning poultry, vegetables, or roasted dishes

    ORGANIC GROUND THYME:Organic Thyme brings an earthy and elegant note to your dishes, enhancing the flavor of roasted meats, stews, and Mediterranean-inspired recipes.

    ORGANIC GROUND ROSEMARY:Provides the aromatic essence of rosemary in a ground form, perfect for infusing flavor into rubs, marinades, or roasted dishes.

    ORGANIC SMOKED PAPRIKA:Infuses a rich and smoky flavor into your dishes, adding depth to stews, grilled meats, or even as a finishing touch on deviled eggs.

    ORGANIC GRANULATED ONION POWDER: Adds a sweet and savory onion essence to a variety of dishes, enhancing the flavor profile of soups, sauces, and seasoning blends.


    ALL-PURPOSE SEASONING SALT: Is a versatile blend that elevates the taste of meats, vegetables, and side dishes with a harmonious mix of flavors.

    ORGANIC CELERY SALT:Combines the herbal notes of celery with the savory touch of salt, enhancing the flavor of salads, soups, or even as a rimming salt for cocktails or jucice drinks.

    ORGANIC  GROUND POULTRY SEASONING:Is a flavorful blend designed to enhance the taste of poultry dishes, bringing combination of herbs and spices.

    Organic Ground Sage:  Brings the rich and earthy essence of sage in ground form, perfect for seasoning stuffing, sausages, or roasted vegetables.



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