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Get ready to savor the flavors of leisure with our "IT'S THE WEEKEND" 8pc Spice Bundle. This collection ensures your weekend meal creations are infused with a burst of tantalizing tastes, from the bold kick of our Cajun-Burst to the savory richness of  our Salmon-Burst Rub/ Seasoning.


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  • Cajun: a bold and zesty flavor, inspired by the culinary traditions of Louisiana. Perfect for seasoning meats, stews, and adding a kick to your weekend dishes.

    Salmon Seasoning:this seasoning brings a harmonious blend of herbs and spices, enhancing the delicate flavors of your seafood creations.

    Seafood Seasoning:Whether grilling, baking, or frying, it adds a burst of oceanic harmony to your weekend seafood feasts.

    Chicken Seasoning:Elevate your chicken dishes with this savory blend

    Sweet Heat:Ideal for adding a kick to your grilled meats, roasted vegetables, and more.

    All Purpose Beef Seasoning:this seasoning is your go-to for grilling, roasting, or seasoning ground beef dishes.

    Jerk Seasoning:Perfect for seasoning grilled meats, seafood, or adding an island kick to your weekend barbecue.

    All Purpose "Flavor Burst" Seasoning:this all-purpose seasoning brings a burst of flavor to a variety of dishes. Your secret weapon for meats, vegetables, soups, and more

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