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Our "ALL ABOUT DA PEPPER" 6pc Spice Bundle. From the zesty kick of Cayenne Pepper to the classic of Salt & Pepper Mix.


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  • Organic Crushed Pepper:

    Peppery Zing: Experience the lively zing of Organic Crushed Pepper, perfect for adding a burst of heat and texture to your favorite dishes. Sprinkle on pizzas, pasta, and salads for an extra kick.

    Salt & Pepper Mix:

     Classic: This Salt & Pepper Mix offers the timeless combination.  A versatile seasoning for enhancing the flavors of meats, vegetables, and side dishes.

    Lemon Pepper:

    Zesty Citrus : Infused with zesty lemon, our Lemon Pepper blend adds a bright and citrusy kick to grilled chicken, seafood, and vegetable dishes, creating a harmonious flavor balance.


    Bayou Spice Fusion: Cajun-Burst is a bold and zesty blend inspired by Louisiana's Bayou country. Perfect for seasoning meats, stews, and Cajun-inspired dishes, it brings a burst of flavorful excitement to your cooking.

    Coarse Pepper:

     Boldness:  Ideal for creating a crunchy crust on grilled meats or adding a robust pepper bite to sauces and marinades.

    Cayenne Pepper:

    Spicy Heat : Explore the fiery side of pepper with Cayenne Pepper. Add a dash to spice up soups, stews, and your favorite spicy recipes, providing the perfect heat to your taste buds.

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