About Us


Thanks for visiting our site. The Gourmet way is a Black owned

food service company that originate in Buffalo, NY 

Many of our recipes and even the culinary method is inspired by some of our favorite hometown restaurants and authentic flavors.

​Though we did not attend culinary school we have cooked for many friends, corporate companies, and our family.

As the needs of our customers have expanded so has our business. This year has inspired a new generation of home chefs and we are here for it! Visit our "CHEF SHOP" to shop our signature spice/batter blends, aprons, kitchen utensils, and other items that will make your life in the kitchen easier. We promise to deliver the same original flavors that you know us for, directly to your doorstep.

Thanks to our customers support, our G-Way merchandise & apparel has grown into its own entity.

Please visit The G-Way page to shop and check back often for updates with new products.

As with most companies, we've had adjust due to the impact of COVID-19. Catering service is now available for DROP-OFF ONLY. We use organic, Non-GMO ingredients and timeless recipes. We don't take shortcuts and we don't rush the process. Its The Gourmet Way!

FOR OUR HOMETOWN TAILGATING CUSTOMERS... Check out the latest version of our BILLS #MAFIADRIP apparel.