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 Delivery fees are based on location. Deliveries requested during high traffic & rush hour times will require higher fee. Delivery Minimum $300.00

Please visit our pricing page for breakfast menu prices per person. Drop off and Full service catering

Breakfast & Brunch

 (25 Person Minimum for Drop Off  Catering & 75 Person Minimum for Full Service Catering )

Traditional Breakfast 

Sausage, Bacon

Scrambled Eggs, bagels,
Fresh Fruit

HG Signature Grits (add Shrimp per person up charge)

  Gourmet Shrimp & Grits Breakfast
Fried or Grilled Shrimp,
Home Fries, Scrambled Eggs, 

HG Signature Grits (extra shrimp per person up-charge)


HG's Chicken & Waffle's 
(3) Whole Fried Chicken Wings,

BelgianWaffle or Red Velvet Waffle w/ syrup,


Substitute Pork for Turkey - add $2

Substitute eggs for egg whites - add $2

Greek Yogurt Parfait - add $2

Homestyle Potatoes - add $3

(25 Person Minimum for Drop off Catering and 75 for Full Service Catering)

Delivered with disposable plates, utensils, napkins, cups (if applicable), and selected condiments. We serve the Charlotte & Atlanta Metro areas.


 For your convenience, we accept Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Debit Cards.


*Please note Local County & State Food & Beverage tax assessed to each order.

Prices on this page are for the listed meals and are subject to change.

Thank You for choosing  Gourmet Way. We appreciate your business! 

 Gourmet Way
 (678)894-8684 Ext. 1 or 2 

Don’t Let Your Taste Buds Go To Waste!!

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