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Our Organic Chicken Burst Seasoning Blend, are organic herbs and spices meticulously crafted to elevate your chicken dishes to new heights of flavor. This thoughtfully curated blend combines the richness of traditional poultry seasoning with the aromatic essence of basil, the warmth of ground rosemary, and the savory depth of garlic powder. Immerse your taste buds in a burst of flavor and culinary excellence with the harmonious fusion of ground thyme, smoked paprika, dry mustard, onion powder, black pepper, parsley, salt, dried dill, and the subtle allure of celery .

Chicken-Burst Seasoning

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  • Culinary Inspiration:

    • Roasted Delights: Sprinkle Chicken Burst Seasoning Blend generously over whole roasted chickens, chicken thighs, wings or drumsticks for an aromatic and flavorful roasting experience.

    • Grilled Goodness: Create mouthwatering grilled chicken by marinating with olive oil and a generous coating of Chicken Burst Seasoning Blend before grilling to perfection.

    • Stovetop Sensations: Elevate everyday stovetop dishes, including stir-fries, skillet meals, or casseroles, by incorporating this blend for an instant burst of savory goodness.

    • Versatile Marinades: Craft delicious marinades by combining the seasoning blend with yogurt, olive oil, or your preferred liquid for marinating chicken to juicy perfection.

    How to Use:

    • Generously Sprinkle: Sprinkle Chicken Burst Seasoning Blend generously over chicken before cooking, adjusting the quantity to suit your taste preferences.

    • Mix with All-purpose unbleached flour: Create a flavorful mix coating by mixing Chicken Burst Seasoning Blend with flour for a tasty and flakey crust

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